Home Remedies for Burning Mouth Syndrome

Burning Mouth Syndrome

Burning mouth syndrome is characterised by a burning sensation in the mouth that can last for months or longer. It's a debilitating condition. The patient usually gets a bitter or metallic taste in their mouth as a result of this condition. Your tongue, gums, lips, and the insides of your cheeks are all affected by this disease. The tongue is a part of the body that is impacted. The discomfort can be severe or last for several days. Clinically, the inside layer of the mouth appears normal. It's a debilitating condition. A terrible burning feeling in the mouth, affecting the tongue, cheeks, palate, gums, and lips, is described. Burning Mouth Syndrome can strike a specific area of the mouth or the entire mouth. The pain spreads to the lips, tongue, and inside part of the cheeks, as well as to almost every other region of the mouth. It can be caused by a variety of dietary deficits, although the origin of this illness is frequently unknown. A burning sensation or irritation in or around the oral cavity, affecting the gums, insides and roof of the mouth, and sometimes even the lips, characterises this illness. It can be so upsetting that it makes it difficult to eat or speak.

Natural Remedies for Burning Mouth Syndrome

The Burning Mouth Syndrome Herbal Treatment seeks to alleviate the symptoms. There are various Home Remedies for Burning Mouth Syndrome that you may use, so don't search elsewhere; just look about your house and you'll discover something to help you get rid of dry mouth. The following are some Natural Remedies for Burning Mouth Syndrome.

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is an excellent treatment for a variety of oral ailments, including burning mouth syndrome. Burning mouth syndrome sufferers should use 40 mg of lavender oil twice a day to rinse their mouth. This is one of the most effective Home Treatments for Burning Mouth Symptoms.


Mint is beneficial in the treatment of burning mouth condition. Every day, chew on 2-3 fresh mint leaves. Alternatively, 1 handful of fresh mint leaves can be added to a boiling pitcher of water. Cover it and leave it to steep for 1 hour. Drink a glass of mint tea three times a day after straining this tea.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera can help preserve sensitive oral tissues and alleviate mouth dryness, which is one of the most prevalent causes of burning mouth syndrome. One of the most effective home treatments for burning mouth symptoms is aloe vera gel. 2 to 3 times a day, rinse your mouth with aloe vera juice.


Burning Mouth Syndrome can also be treated with a cup of cold apple juice. Actually, this home cure can be able to relieve your tongue's burning sensation.


It's also one of the best Burning Mouth Syndrome Cure Home Remedies that I'd like to share in this post with you and my other readers so that you can learn about it and then try to eat more papaya for good. Papayas are also a terrific addition to the list of home remedies for burning mouth condition that you should be aware of and use.


Rinse your mouth twice a day with a glycerin mouthwash to achieve the best results.


To make a fine paste, combine 1 tbsp. honey and 12 tsp. turmeric. The paste is then applied directly to the diseased part of your tongue. Stay for 5 minutes before rinsing it off with cool, clean water. This home treatment should be applied 2 to 3 times per day.

Baking Soda

Gargle your mouth with a mixture of 1-2 teaspoons baking soda and 6-8 ounces filtered water at home to administer this cure.

Black Tea

In a cup of hot water, soak 2-3 black tea bags. You can apply black tea straight to your affected regions after straining the tea and using the extract.

Tabasco Sauce

Mouth rinse, which is created by mixing 5 drops of Tabasco sauce with little water, can help to relieve discomfort and a burning feeling in the mouth.

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